Wednesday, June 8, 2011

happy 2000

So my friend Anita and I write emails at work a lot. Dear Boss, if you happen to be reading this: it's okay we get our work done. In fact, I would even say that writing Anita through the day keeps my mind alive, vis a vis, I am more productive in my work. It's true, I promise.

Anyway. Anita and I both work in cubicles in offices at computers, and we have been writing each other brief but daily "hello" and "guess what I did today that makes me super awesome" emails for that entire length of time; we're practically twins as it turns out (something we've discovered through years of story trading). Along the way, we've celebrated milestones. I believe we noticed our first milestone right around the 700 email mark - for one of our celebrations we even went to Milestones, which we both thought was pretty clever. We've also celebrated our email friendship at our respective houses with Lemon Liberte and older movies (anyone seen Greencard?).

This time, though, definitely ranks as my favorite celebrate-the-emails date.

[SIDENOTE: Thanks to DateBank for the plethora of good date ideas. Seriously, whether you're on a budget or you're simply uncreative, DateBank is the app you need!]

Through use of the app & some last minute use of our imaginations, we ended up going on a date that is pretty much going to go down in my history as the most fun date ever. I also feel I should point out that we spent a grand total of under $20 for the two of us for the entire evening.  Happy 2000, friend.

How to have an awesome date on a budget:

First stop: the River Rock, where we each played $5 in the penny slots. Winner buys dinner...
Too bad we both lost.
Dinner is: courtesy of IKEA. All hail the 50 cent hot dog.

Next, park your car by the side of some road under the flight path of landing planes 
at the airport. Put a blanket out on the hood, recline under the setting sun 
and face upwards. Enjoy the views and volumes. 
I did not zoom in for this picture, by the way. 

Finally, if there’s some kind of an inside joke or reference-to-previum that you can muster up, 
you should use it. Oh, and always include chocolate.



alisha said...

Aw, sounds like a lovely date! The Ikea hotdog wins again!

Mama said...

I love this. And I love Greencard. I'd love to see it again.

anita said...

...and cue swelling violin music as I gently wipe away a tear of fond remembrance of our special evening.
Clink! Here's to the next 2000. And the 2000 after that. And ...

Love you madly.