Saturday, November 19, 2011

The wealthy are faithless

The wealthy are faithless.
The faithful are wealthy.
...which is it?
From the Church, I cannot find a common answer.

I am a sinner if I do not give 10%;
I am a saint if I give what I can;
I am a sinner if I give 10% with a cold heart;
I am a saint if I’m financially illogical;
Which is it?

If I had more faith, my debts would be erased;
My overabundant faith is an others-sourced money-tree;
God will bless me if I put myself in need; not if I keep myself out of it.
God’s hand is not formulaic.
Which is it?

Those who go without are holier than those that store up to provide for them;
Those who store up provisions are faithless in the matters of tomorrow;
Giving means nothing unless I do not have enough to give;
If I have enough to give, I am not giving enough;
Which is it?

Is it possible to be free from condemnation
by those who pick a different answer?
Or is popular opinion about faith always going to be subject
to the dollar sign and the zero.



Mama said...

None of the above. That's why we need to keep our eyes on Jesus, not on the "church". As soon as we start to let our eyes fall onto others, we'll fall ourselves. As ridiculous as life can be, we'll have so much more peace when we just keep looking up.

SCMartens said...

Which is worth more? Time or money? In times where my every last cent was already spent before the pay cheque even arrived, I couldn't do the 10% (read: very rarely in my adult life), and the thing is, I always wanted to because of the nice tax break. Brutal but true. But I gave time, and I gave my heart to the hurting... which was a MUCH greater sacrifice than $ could have ever been.