Sunday, January 29, 2012

every day is a new year

I believe that the chance to start over comes every day at sunrise; that we don't need a year mark to feel something new. I believe that surprise friendships can heal old wounds, and gentle hands can do more than big hands ever could. I believe that strength is something we choose; gentleness, too. I believe we are all broken, and that for this reason, and this reason alone, we have the capacity to hurt and to help each other.

I believe that most lives are too short; that grief takes its time with us, baring our souls while the young ones go first. I believe I do not know how to let the young ones go first. Not sure I will ever know how to let them.

I believe it is important that we give the memories space; that we don't shut them out like pain, but rather, hold them ready by the windowsills as we wait for sunrise; for the light to move us on, like it does.

I believe I am writing about too many things at once.



alisha said...

I like this. Really like this.

Mama said... do I.