Tuesday, April 17, 2012

today's showstopper

I actually need this.
Ulyana Sergeenko just stole my heart.

There are cities growing inside my chest, the cities all look like New York in the fifties, every building tall enough to touch a cloud, every automobile is a convertible, all the men wear hats and neckties, the women all have beautiful shapes of color upon them, and someone has saved a baby. There is a parade. Someone has saved all the babies. There is the biggest parade moving through my streets, the skies explode with ticker tape, strangers kiss on every corner, their kisses are what make me live forever, this is how she makes me feel. Like honey and trombones.
Like honey and trombones.
~Anis Mojgani~
from "This is how she makes me feel"


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Mama said...

Love this outfit. I pinned it.