Monday, May 21, 2012

Clearcutting the Amazon

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"The Brazilian Congress has just passed a catastrophic forestry bill that gives loggers and farmers free rein to cut down huge swaths of the Amazon. Now only President Dilma can stop it.

Fortunately, the timing is on our side -- in weeks Dilma will host the world’s biggest environmental summit and insiders say she cannot afford to open it as the leader who approved the destruction of the rainforest. She’s facing mounting domestic pressure, with 79% of Brazilians rejecting this new bill. Now, if we join them we can turn up the global heat and push her to axe the bill, not the rainforest.

Dilma could make her decision any day. Let's get her to veto the bill now...sign the urgent petition to stop the Amazon chainsaw massacre and if you have already signed -- send this to everyone."

GO HERE to sign the petition! Not much time left to do so.

-It is calculated that there are more trees in a twenty five acre section of the Amazon than there are trees in the whole United States (source)

-The Amazon hosts the largest collection of living plants and animal species in the world...[and] accounts for about 10% of the world's terrestrial primary productivity and 10% of the carbon stores in ecosystems (source)

- "If the legislation goes into effect, it could allow landowners in the Amazon to reduce obligatory forest cover to 50 percent from 80 percent, and could lead to the loss of as much as 190 million acres of forest, according to the government’s Institute for Applied Economic Research" (source)

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