Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Off in a world. Thinking of things like waffle makers, office politics, the purpose(lessness) of war, the deep-seated feel of good music, and other variousness; things that aren't related to anything but themselves. Have been pondering the difference between wish lists and permanent ink. Enjoying rooftop patios and my-eyelashes-just-touched-yours and happy in the moment-ness. Downloading 4x my phone data on niece & nephew videos. Reading too much Google News and becoming thoroughly depressed as a result. Finding joy again in ice cream cake, lengthy sleeps, and my new mop. Also (!) embarking on yet another chapter of  The Never Ending Quest to Make my Flats Stop Smelling. Have tried a new trick, will pass on to the ladies if successful.

I miss you though, and think of you daily, and how much you must sigh when you think of this blog. "That Ashley. Can't keep a writing streak going for shit."


Horst Fass - Vietnam War.

This could be by Klockhoff Not sure though. Pinterest.

there was a little girl

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Dalton said...

Me and you both Ash I keep defaulting to song lyrics!