Saturday, July 14, 2012

three cheers for crappy firsts

Well folks, Boyfriend kicked my proverbial pants kicked into gear and I've actually completed (or, am within 5 pages of completing) the second round of edits on my book. You should see all the pen marks, scratched out sentences, re-written dialogue and whole paragraphs, arrows, circles, notes and new ideas; you almost can't see the original text. It's amazing, really. I'm almost at the "re-type" stage. THIS IS A BIG DEAL.

Boyfriends can be useful!

Here's what happened: I was whining. My recent declaration, where I stated I have overcome the need to be perfect, was short lived. Admittedly, I floundered, reverting quickly to wholehearted self-loathitude."What a terrible first book," I said; "what an embarrassment as a writer. This is such an awful attempt at a first book. I'd like to have another first book instead. I should start one of my other ones and call that one my first book."

Then a very simple sentence climbed through the phone, over my earlobes and into my brain, "Ashley, it's your first book whether you like it or not. You may as well finish it."


Boyfriend, must you always be the logical one?



Mama said...

It's wonderful when that special someone adores you in spite of yourself. And when they kindly point out the obvious, like the elephant you have been blindly tripping over, it's gravy. I know the feeling well.

Ry said...

Boys are great aren't they?

Also I hope to one day very soon read your first book, good or not, I'm sure it will be brilliant.

afterthoughtcomposer said...

Thanks Ry! Keep checking my blog for book updates :) My goal is to beat the three year mark and have it out by's hoping :)

Ma - as always, so sweet. mwah.