Saturday, November 17, 2012

three bads = endless goods

If your morning should happen to go like this:

1. Forget to set alarm, sleep in, two hours late for work.
2. Find out shortly after (late) arrival that the clock has begun to tick on blissful lovely learning opportunity. Monday to Friday, clock-watched, mind-numbing routine commencing in three, two...
3. Splurged on an expensive coffee. Only to receive the wrong drink. Only to discover once already (late) at work.

Don't forget the following things:

1. You have a bed! And a roof! And a car to speed in! And a job to be late for!
2. Paychecks are still in order.
3. This is definitely a first world problem.

1 comment:

Mama said...

I'm sure they managed the first 2 hours without you so, relax and don't speed. I hope you called Starbucks so they give you a freebee next time. And I know your day/week/month will be better. Love you. Chill and drive like a little old lady.