Friday, June 21, 2013

as I watch you growing up

Perhaps there should be less stress on kids to become what they (will be told to) want
and more on hoping them to stay who they already are.

Not as much Forced Grown Up in your mix
and what the Bigs think you should be when you're six,
sixteen, or twenty six,
but more of the littles, the joys,
un self conscious slips, absent body image.

You're all bravery and spit, sweet eyes and innocence,
teetering on the edge of the haunt;
words that will creep into you,
changing mind and mirror.

I wish I could freeze you like this,
but I am much too curious to see if you will become what you are:
open hearted and unafraid, wholly confident and born-with-it social grace,
imagination and fire;

flames that burn me because I will love you
past six, sixteen, twenty six.

So it lands here, I make my vow
and ask you not become what I want,
but stay who you already are.


allthebeautifulthings by loreta

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Unknown said...

this is beautiful ash. she's lucky to have you.