Sunday, November 10, 2013

Flanders' flowers are not white.

I wear red. Not to glorify the fight, but those who fought it,
so my only fight
is this long lineup
in a busy

I wear red. Not to come against peace, but to show gratitude,
in the tiniest morsel.
A pin-prick on my finger
for the millions who have died
(on all sides)
so my peace,
in mind and body,
can be full.

I wear red. Not to support war or its purposes,
but to remind myself
no argument
is worth that kind of battle.

I wear red because I am ashamed
to be part of a generation
who forgets
who denies
who placates
who whines

who does not know what it means
to wear red.

writing ©afterthoughtcomposer

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