Friday, December 12, 2014

a little wind

the sun, the waves, the wind: by Steffi Au Fotografie
: on flickr

every time it's windy
i am moved
     and assume    the wind is
for me;   change,

it says.

every time it's windy on     my    street
i am      moved   
                            as i think
how    the     wind      is   moving
on everyone's street
knocking  everyone's windows
lifting everyone's            feet.

every     time
    the wind   moves
                me         i     stand
where i am   i stay  put    and    lean
              i put foot to     land

    i   am   calmed   when   i   breathe
        through the    pressure     rushing
             and all around  beseeching me
                                               to stop.

Pay attention to the signs         
                                          the broken branches
            the apprehensions in the trees
              swaying this way and                            crack!

        Do you see what it means?   Do you see what happens when the growth
        from the roots refuses to glean from     age old   wisdom:   be    willing
                                       to move    when the wind does
                                                                 or you'll break
                                                                     into threes

          Part one: what was          Part two: what grew    
                                                                                     Part three: split by force

every time  it's windy    i can see    that a little    wind    is  nothing to be    afraid of:

    a fourth thing surprises, at least eventually:  new where broken,  in the air: peace.

© afterthought composer

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