Thursday, January 1, 2015


Where do I start this year? Well-intentioned, happy, loving the peace that comes with resolution. Looking and lifting up. Thankful for little pauses. This new year feels like a fence-peek, a tip-toed glance at the top of the counter. What's up there? What's next? Curiosity lives here: nothing about me will change unless I do.

Instead of resolutions, that classic list of Things I'm Going to Fail at This Year, Too, maybe I resolve instead to chase after resolution itself. Let the old songs fall and end as they should. Leave arguments and pride for someone with more time on their hands. Follow-through on the life I have imagined. Less hesitance and check marks, more living.

May this be a year of string-cut-Yesterdays, present Todays, hopeful Tomorrows. May this be a year where people and nature take more of our sight than the screens have been. More love and less angst. Open arms and strides forward. More of what you want to try, and less sticking with what you're already good at. Lived dreams and fulfilled promises. Light: sunrise, hearth, fuse, wherever you most need it.

Let this year be good to you. 

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