Saturday, July 19, 2014

two notes

the slip the trip
the absent mind
the quarter turn
unheard rewind
the healing songs
we long to find in
accidental dissonance
the way we've been
and who we are
the open heart
the closing scar
there's more to miss
and less on par in
accidental dissonance
we stand we break
we empty out
we let our love
loud for us shout
against the rails
that hold us in
our accidental dissonance

art by Julie Morstad at
poetry ©afterthoughtcomposer

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bridezilla Commencing


It's quite possible
to spend your life
and reasonable

then, as the date creeps closer
to feel the mad push
of a world full of brides
and those who instruct them
to get crazy

the details and the process are fun
but could, if you aren't careful
push you
into that swirling pool of white

dresses and icing
gift tags and paper choices
linens and sugar flowers
and centerpiece madness


fall into that whirlwind with joy on your lips
take pleasure in the calming hand
at rest upon your hips
(simple things)

let each element
wave or burn on its own
because some will,
and some won't

nevertheless, at the end of that day
you'll be married anyway