Thursday, February 16, 2012

tyto alba

on tonight's way home
a wingspan caught my eye;
from tip to tip: a wider span
than other birds I've seen at night.
I could not make the kind,
but noted only that the wings were
power filled
strength in feathered form
and grace laden.

at last, the creature turned it's head
to look at me,
and there in the eyes that met mine
I saw the face of my heartbeat:
an owl, pure white and stunning
in solitary nature,
struggling to decide
if it would land
or take off;
in quick rotation from one to the next.

there went my breath
into the owl's fight
and there went my heart as well;
deciding skyward
losing flight.

© afterthoughtcomposer

Photo by Peter Otten



Natalie said...

We almost ran over an owl last summer, it was just sitting in the middle of the (bush) road. Looked like a rock. Made me realize you really don't see them very often.

Mama said...

How absolutely delightful to stumble upon such wonder. God's creation is spectacular and often hidden in day to day stuff and hurry. Barn owls are stunning. I feel so priviliged just to see little birdies on my feeder.

SCMartens said...

pretty damn magical