Saturday, July 11, 2015

little boat

like the boat  
and the water
I tip    and sway
re-course   and wave
 swell   and stay

like the boat  
on the water
   I leave    the shore
 behold   no more  life's surety

venture out     on the water
hold fast    my sails 
  to  true  things  hail
as best
as    best    I

then drop them.


little boat, big water
big world, small heart;
when the storm rolls in
my little eyes dart
 Oh fright! How Deep!
"I don't swim!" I cry,
    I won't live! Not me.

Despairing, and wearing a hole
through the row I am pacing inside
my little life's boat,  I fret
and I tumble
and watch every   crest,
  with fear! anger! terror! rising up
                               in my chest.


this water's too deep
so i drop to the floor
can't hear that whisp
at my little life's door.
can't hear that wave
take a breath   and retreat.
can't feel a hand
plant my sea-sickened feet
to the floorboards.
now the ocean's roar has subsided;
that feet-planter's hand
did come alongside, did
mend the sails, did calm the sea,
and me, and did point
this vessel homeward.


Another go   
in a boat
on through life   
big like water

I leave    the shore
behold    no more
          life's surety

fabulous illustration © MB, source
mediocre poetry © afterthoughtcomposer

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anita said...

Verse 3 = permission to hope. Thanks.