Tuesday, February 22, 2011

blog loss


don't jump.

[insert frustrated, whiny sound effect here]

What happened: It’s gone. All of it.

What happened?: My phone needed a software upgrade.

So, um, what happened? The phone people did not inform me that “software upgrade” is code for “erasing everything you had on your phone”

Again, this time In English: my phone needed a software upgrade. So I took it to the store for the upgrade. They took my phone. They shipped it to the supplier. They did not tell me that the upgrade would delete everything on my phone. (that sentence was hard to type).

(yes, I am being overdramatic).

(yes, I did actually cry in public like a wobbly child when I got my phone back).

This actually took place last week, but due to the state of shock my nostalgic innards have been in since Wednesday, I haven’t had the strength or wherewithal to write about it. I mean: I lost everything that was on my phone. Eeevvverrryyytthiiiinng. Photos (hundreds of them, including the ones of me and my niece at Christmas! Knife stab). Calendar dates. Downloads. Links. Games (just a few levels short of BEATING Angry Birds, I now have to start over from the beginning. Blind rage). Memos; I had started to use my phone as a sort of note pad – jotting the myriad of thoughts I have into my memo app for later use; I had at least three blog posts on there, waiting to be shared (including one entitled “things I learned about dating by joining eharmony”. It might have been as good as it sounds). Needless to say, there is a giant hole in my chest. A phone shaped, blog shaped, photo shaped, nostalgic hole.

I’m getting over it, slowly. I still have some choice words for the staff who so lovingly kept this knowledge to themselves while they packed my phone into a box for shipment & repair. Problem is, choice words aren’t my specialty (I tried already, and I even cried, but I just got blank stares and tied hands in return). The other problem is, there is – essentially – nothing that can be done.

In the meantime, I have reformatted my phone so it looks like it did before. The background picture is the same, and the font is the same. I have re-installed my apps, and started the long Pig Slaying journey once more. I have even tried to remember what I had in my calendar for this week. I’ve taken memory snapshots of the photos I wanted to keep (my niece is, after all, the cutest human on earth). But the one thing I actually can’t think about is the writing; it feels like a phantom limb, or a boot to the chest. I don’t remember everything I had on there, but I do know it was there. And now it's gone. Oof.

So, since Phone People like to keep important information from you, be warned: a software upgrade will DELETE your phone!!! Save it to your memory card, or email it to yourself -- whatever you do, save it. The Phone People probably won't tell you to do it; in fact, they won't even mention it. At all. And then when you tell them they should have told you, they will pretend they have no brain cells and hold their hands in the air while they say something about their manager.

If you are a Phone Person, I am going to be mad at you by default for a little while. Take it personally.



Mama said...

It's possible that there's not too many types of people I hate more than the most "intelligent" among us...brilliant computer geeks are way too dense in too many areas. Some of the most stupid statements I've heard are from University professors. I know we're not supposed to hate. But it's tough when people are so thoughtless. So easy to just download your stuff onto a CD and charge you the 50 cents it would cost them for the trouble and material. The bastards. Oops, pardon me.

afterthoughtcomposer said...

lol. I love that I have you on my team mom! I'm lucky :)

anita said...

I love that your mom just swore. Justifiably, I might add...

Natalie said...

I feel your pain my friend, espeically on the photos (I lost all my under water pics from Australia, including the great barrier reef, and amazing PNG snorkeling) - devastating!

I had to send my phone away a bit ago, and they never told me either. Just cause I have a phone doesn't mean I'm tech savy or understand the ins and outs of it! Thankfully I didn't have that much on it. Terribly disappointed about the blog loss, bet they were good. Hugs for the healing process ;)

Colleen Taylor said...

Are you at least going to make them give you a deal? Like free service for a number of months?