Monday, February 7, 2011

Sun Run 2011


Well, I did it! I registered for the Sun Run! That means, in 68 days or exactly 1,654 hours (thank you, uselessly specific but interesting internet countdown site), I will be jogging 10k with a million* strangers. I've already gotten in 3 pracitce runs so far this year, and if I stick to my current pattern of one jogging session per week, I will have gotten in at least 12 practices by the time race day hits -- almost double what I did last year. Also, I signed up for an earlier-starting group so I will be dodging fewer strollers and walkalongs as I go... which in theory, means I should be that much faster getting across the finish line. Are you listening, LastYearMe!?? I am about to kick your butt.

*this number is not entirely accurate.

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Mama said...

Awesome. I would love to prepare and enter but there's no where to run unless I pay a bazillion dollars for a membership at the University to use their indoor track. *Sigh* Lots of people here run on the snow and ice but I'm not that much of a diehard.