Friday, July 15, 2011

i seem to be missing my rabbit ears

I can’t tell if its apathy or hesitation on my part, but this blog is likely going to continue on its most recent streak of empty caloric value. “I just don’t feel like writing” said the incapable toddler. I don’t want to put life into words right now, I don’t want to mark these ideas in ink; I don’t want to advertise the increasingly shallowing depths of my psyche (you wouldn’t approve). I do, however, want to eat my body weight in pasta and bathe in music and doodle incoherently. Vis a vis, the following: Remarkable Drawings in a Three Piece Set, seen below. Pen on paper. For sale: $100 each, or 3 for a dollar.

A picture is normally worth a thousand words right? So, by combining the supposed-word-value of these three remarkable drawings, you’d get at least…10 words apiece if you tried really hard (words like “wow” and “augh! my eyes!”) – which would make for at least 30 words in total, which is kind of the same as a short love poem or a detailed ode to sock bunnies (max requirement for sock bunny odes: 30 words)...which kind of equals a blog post.

...I hope I have demonstrated to you, at least in part, why I am not writing anything down at the moment. With that, you may now stop your head from spinning and admire my beautiful artwork.



Natalie said...

I love you :)

Mama said...

Ditto. And you are so funny, please keep up the non-writing. Thank you.

anita said...

Do you do commissions?

afterthoughtcomposer said...

Yes I do. What would you like a poorly drawn picture of?

anita said...

Really?!! Well, if it's not too much to ask... a ruggedly handsome mountain man whistling and chopping wood outside his hand-built log cabin with a moose and a beaver and a lost penguin in the background watching him.

Or a piano.

Anonymous said...

There is a dollar on my way to you. I want the original. No print shit.

Colleen Taylor said...

"Don't fret about not writing if you're too busy living; it will all come out in the end."
- Alvera Mickelsen