Wednesday, July 20, 2011

inaugural clientele, part two

Dear Anita,

What a fabulous imagination you must have; either that, or a fabulously imaginative life. Which is it?

I have begun to mentally process, and also visualize, the awe-inspiring idea you had for a commissioned drawing. As I am not one to understand sarcasm or its uses, I have taken you for rote. I will begin working on a picture of the multi-talented, multi-tasking mountain man as soon as I am able. Please do wait with baited breath until I have finished. I will let you know when I have finished.


the artist.

PS. Because you are my first commissioned piece, I will draw and then send this to you free of charge! Please note that any future commissionings will come at the steep price of one dollar. Per drawing. Unless all the drawings are all on one page, at which point I will still charge you just one dollar.


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anita said...

Sigh, sometime the glow of fabulosity is hard to suppress. (As is my hyperactive ego.)

And for this #1 of what will undoubtedly become a viral career, I will reserve a frame and some wall space for it in my soon-to-be new home... and I don't even mean something gaudy & gilded from VV to hang in the back of the storage closet ;) No pressure.