Friday, May 4, 2012


There are some who gain their strength
solely by strong holding others,
making faces instead of using words, speaking loudly as they push.
All notice, none object; all praise, I suspect.

Talk nice talk nice talk nice;
I leave;
talk cheap talk cheap talk cheap.

Their opinions are formed not as opinions are formed,
but as contradictions are,
for the sake of being contradictory,
for the sake of making small of me
as a way to shame;
as a way to raise

I can not understand these people,
should not name them,
can not wait for the day I learn how to speak to them
without becoming, for the sake of it,
strong holded
and shamed.

I can not speak into it,
rally against it,
or believe I can change it.
I can only muddle through it
pray in to it,
and try not to become the environment
into which I have been placed.

You speak nice at me, but 
there is poison in the way.
© afterthoughtcomposer

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