Monday, January 7, 2013

borrowing a mantra

I am happy to report that my new year's intentions have been going swimmingly. In conversation with Anita yesterday, while discussing my progress and efforts, I continually replaced "this week" with "the year so far." Something about the change in phraseology makes me feel good, even though it's only been seven days. If ever tempted to scoff at a little accomplishment, I have been quickly reminding myself that it all has to start somewhere: with a few pennies, the vacumming of a rug, the jotting of an idea.

Over at The Den, Chelsea states this year's mantra: work for it. I read this post and I am bolstered, encouraged, reminded of what's to come. Every thing I want or want to produce is going to take work, and lots of it. For my dreams to come to fruition, it is I who has to see them realized, by doing what needs to be done. Perhaps it is the impending decade mark (30!), but I have embraced my responsibility in a way I've not embraced it before. My feet feel very 'on the ground', and my shoulders have adjusted to the weight of what I sense is coming my way. If I am to write books, I am first to write pages, sentences, notations and take the time to storyboard. If I am to gain financial independence, I am first to hold myself accountable, do more with less, be creative and frugal. There is much to be done, and in turn there is much to balance. I have so much lax&lazy time to make up for; my twenties have been fun, but rather unproductive. Now, as I near that decade mark (30!), I feel the need to change.

Other years I have bounded absent mindedly from one goal to the next, never anticipating how truly focused I must remain to reach my goals (and as a result, reaching very few of them). Inside me now, the blind unfettered hope has been replaced by a sense of belonging, a sense of duty, and joy in the tasks at hand. I know what I am to do, and for the first time, am happy for the work.


anita said...

New Years resolution addendum, page 32, subsection 217.41(c), paragraph 3: find some focus.

Again, you have such a way of peeling back the skin and exposing my raw spots so softly.

Mama said...

I think I need to hang this on my wall. You are my hero. Love Anita's comment.