Sunday, January 6, 2013

examining the trends

First came the birds, silhouetted, still,
balancing up on wire. Our draw was to
the bird's eye view,
to taking our sight higher.

Then came freer birds with wings, in flight,
their bodies still showed black,
yet giving us, leading us to, light.

Then the Great bird of night,
beckoning us to pause, sat perched.
Details emerged.
They began to show up
like new buds in the morning,
or dew drops in spring;
populating everywhere,
reminding feet of ground.
Something was spun,
wars begun, confusion
took its root.

But still we fell our hearts toward that peaceful hoot:
the wisdom in the owl.

Next out were the bandits, the decision makers;
the prize takers. Raccoons and foxes, squirrels too.
Stay awake at night, store up what is right,
and be aware; once you've stored it up: share.

Combining the traits in these trends, perhaps, dear friends,
suggests the animals know more than we do.
© afterthoughtcomposer

would LOVE to find the original source
of this photo, beyond Pinterest. Anyone? Help!

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