Thursday, July 23, 2009

a beautiful revolution

I'm trying to decide how often a person can change their mind before the general public will start to consider them unreliable. This is my third blog in three years, each with a different focus and each for different reasons. For the few of you that followed my very first blog, you will know that this mind of mine changes seasons a lot; I wavered (outwardly) about quitting that blog on repetition for at least a year, before I finally decided to close it off. After a short break from blogsphere, I started a blog called ayearinmykitchen - a blog which was supposed to chronicle the epic journey of a woman (me) who ate only her own cooking for twelve months -shockandawe!- the twelve months turned into four, plus three (most recent) months of stagnance. Not suprisingly, my interest in that Journey and its Chronicle have dwindled to practical non-existance.

Maybe it's my co-dependance on all things small-screen, or my addiction to writing, or the naive belief that I actually have interesting things to say...but I am starting again. One more mind change, one more self-motivated change of heart.

I'm not entirely sure what this blog will look like, or what I will even end up writing about. There are a few of you who know that I am currently working on a book (with about five ideas in the 'pending' file). That being said, I feel like most of my energy for the written word could be taken up elsewhere. But I am, in the very core of my being, a writer. I am the most at peace when I am typing or writing or jotting down ideas on scrap pieces of paper. This could be just one more venue for me to get the swirling unformed thoughts out of my head and into some form of tangible reality.

...could be.


Lindsey said...

I think one thing that helps a blog to be successful is having followers. It's not like you can pay people to read your blog (well, I guess you could). But it's the readers that feed you to keep writing.
One thing that keeps me blogging is that I want to get my blog put into a book. Not to publish it... but to get it put into a "scrapbook" so I can have it to show my children and to keep forever like I would a journal. Here is one place that does this... I have one place I want to use but the link is on my other computer.
You don't have to have a theme. Just type! I will follow your blog under one condition... you have to blog:)

ashleyalvina said...

haha thanks Linds - I will be, don't worry :)