Saturday, June 25, 2011


I like vacuuming more than the other chores. I especially like it when the vacuum leaves lines in the carpet; I like to make abstract nonsensical patterns and I like quick, visible improvement. I do not like emptying the bag or filter or removing the grey matter that gathers on the bristles. I do not like it when the spiders stay alive on their way up the tube. I like playing the music louder than the machine and I like to dance around the living room on the un-lined bits of carpet. I do not like it when people mess up the lines before I am finished making them.

I do not have a carpet, or a vacuum (or a house of my own) but I felt the need to document my feelings anyway; to remind myself that I do like some things and I do not like some other things and though it may make me peculiar to have mentioned it at all, at least it makes me a someone that knows what not or what I want. Some days, that is the most important distinction.



anita said...

Is it silly that I'm still surprised by the identicalities? I like mowing the lawn for the same reasons...

Colleen Taylor said...

I hate vacuuming. I have carpet and a vacuum and a house of my own now. The carpet is disgusting. The machine is an unwieldy shop vac. We are replacing the flooring ASAP with laminate or lino tile.

But I like your description of how you like vacuuming. And I agree on the immediate gratification part. That's why I love my Norwex mop.

Natalie said...

I hate vacuuming. That's Chad's chore. But I'm sure he'd let you have a turn next time you come visit - though he could still deal with the spiders, filter, and bags :)

Mama said...

I also hate vacuuming but I love your description of how much fun it can be. Kara also preferred vacuuming to any other house work when she was at home and I was more than happy to let her do it and I would do the other stuff. She also enjoyed mowing the lawn which I still hate to this day. In 32 years I have actually mowed the lawn once and hated every minute of it. Your Dad mows the lawns, I clean the bathrooms. It works for me.

Anonymous said...

heehee this made me laugh out loud! a literal LOL!