Thursday, August 5, 2010

you've been lied to


...I only put in one. The other, not so tattered hoodie crawled its way onto my body and zipped itself up and dragged me in front of the mirror and bombarded my visual cortex with memories. Plus, it felt really cozy and warm and comfortable. It didn't take much arguing, to be honest - back you go old friend, even though I never wear you.

Nostalgia: 1
Ashley: 0



Elise said...

Dear You. I would like you to collect all your polished poems, and arrange them into a collection so that it can then get published. Then I can buy it and it can sit on my shelf beside my Yeats and Frost and Dickinson. I would read it too. Thank you, Elise.

(this is sortofbutnotreally a command)

Post Script: how do you feel about the self-publishing thing right now? Your true opinion please, kthnxbye.

afterthoughtcomposer said...

Dear Elise: you are the gemmy-est of gems. I am currently building an anthology of my poems in my head, and at some point, will have it all printed in real life. I have been building this anthology for approximately a year. Ssh. My intentions are running away on me again.

Self Publish - worth every penny I will not be forking over at a publishers? I like to think so. Meh shmeh. I think it'd be cooler to self-p. I don't really want to be famous, I just want to be printed, and I can do *that* myself :)

Mama said...

I love both of these "otherthoughts." And I love the "kthnxbye." I may have to steal that.