Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I took a walk around Kensington on Monday, while my friend was at work. Kensington is a quaint neighborhood in Calgary's SW that houses local art and small businesses and eclectic building fronts. Even the Starbucks looks poetic and original, if that tells you anything. I stopped in at i appeal, a cute little gift/vintage store at 1109B Kensington road. Amongst the random assortment of purses and papers and rings, I found some lovingly offensive greeting cards; too bad no one I know well enough is having a baby or pissing me off, because those cards were the funniest.

i appeal is right down the street from Crave, a cupcake store that sells the best chocolate cupcake I have ever eaten. EVER. I asked, and they have no affiliation with the Vancouver based Cupcakes. No offense intended to BC, but in this area (cupcake deliciousness) Calgary has got you beat. Sorry W Network.

My meandering through Kensington took me by a coffee shop called The House. Not unlike Small Rituals in White Rock, this shop is a non-profit organization that gives any financial gain to the surrounding community. I was looking for a place to set my laptop and my body for a few hours, and I managed to find a place that not only had heart but also played Mumford and Sons on the overhead speakers. What are the chances!?

The atmosphere in The House was comfortable and inviting, and completely non-pretentious. The barista moves quickly and efficiently and yet, knows how to pause long enough to see his customers, to smile with them, and converse with them. Refreshing? Absolutely. I tried the raspberry latte, simply because the idea of a raspberry latte was so intriguing (and I'd never heard of it before). No regrets on that one; raspberry lattes are as good as they sound.

Calgary's weather may be a bit of an odd duck, but this corner of the city makes up for it. Whatever happens in the sky while you're in Kensington will feel linked to whimsy, I bet.

*1st image taken from here.


Colleen Taylor said...

Who knew! I've been watching Cupcake Girls with fascination. I had no idea they were based in Vancouver. See what a person can learn from reading blogs?

Mama said...

I wish I'd been there.
And although the cupcake girls had a great idea they need better recipes. We also found the cupcakes at Starbucks of all places to be much better than theirs. I think we should open a cupcake store, girls.