Thursday, December 16, 2010

practicing my high notes

Due to some recent conversations, I have decided to name a “high point” at the end of each day. This actually came up twice for me yesterday with two different people (something that usually makes me pay attention). I’m starting now (started yesterday, in fact), but then in my head I took it a step further: wouldn’t this be like, the best new year’s resolution…ever? In theory, I will get a notebook and write my high point down each day of 2011, and at the end have a beautiful list to dwell upon and blog about and share with others to inspire the nations and cause other people to start their own notebooks and…that is the theory. In reality, I might get a notebook and write them down each day of January. Regardless, I think I’ll try it; see if I can actually keep it going through to the next new year.

Yesterday’s high point: deep fried mashed potatoes. Or, laughing with Candice. Both made the day worth having.
Today’s high point: far too early to tell, although I expect the Granville Island Improv club will have some effect.
Tomorrow’s high point: I’m guessing, Geoff’s ugly Christmas sweater?

I have heard about this practice for years now – making “I’m thankful for” lists – but for some reason it never stuck. While I love being alive, and often find myself remarking excitedly about simplicity’s best moments, I’ve never felt the need to write them down in that format. But lately, I’ve started to reconsider. I like the idea of purposefully remembering the high notes.

Do any of you do this, or something simliar? Have you decided on any other new year's "resolutions"?

As a related sidenote, I was forwarded this story a few weeks back. I admit, I started craving blue notebooks almost immediately.


meandmykaleidoscopeheart said...

I try to have a "post it" in my car every week stating three things to be thankful for. That way on my way to school or work I can remember and be happy. ha ha. I think it is a good "New Years" resolution :)

Bailey's Brides said...

I had a friend for a whole year put her facebook status as something she was thankful for...every single was mind blowing and inspiring.

Bonnie said...

I totally cried reading that ladies blog! Made my heart happy! Man alive so encouraging if you ask me! I think thats a great resolution!