Monday, December 6, 2010

seeing red


As I was chatting with my successful Stylist friends a few months back, one of them mentioned that a person should never wear red to a dinner party. “But why?” I asked, naively. “Isn’t red the color of passion? Isn’t red exciting?” …”Yes,” he replied, “which is the reason you shouldn’t wear it. It heightens emotions. Bad color for a dinner party.”

Huh. I never wear the color anyway because it stresses me out, but I found this interesting and wondered if it was true (not connecting, of course, the fact that I don’t wear red because it stresses me out).

So today, at just past 2pm, I was assessing my daily anxiety levels and realized that they’re somewhat heightened. Heart? Palpitating. Overactive imagination? Full steam ahead.

…is it the coffee I drank this morning before breakfast? Is it the long mind-numbing conference call I sat in on from 9-noon? Or is it the fact that for the first time since…grade 12, at least…I am wearing red?

You know, I really think it’s the red.


Julia Haiste said...

Dearest Afterthought Composer:
I absolutely love love love your blog.
Sincerely: Julia

Mama said...

Golly, it wouldn't have occured to me not to wear a red dress to a dinner party. I don't care for bright red, it would have to be a lovely deep red, but I would wear it, so there.

3 hour conference call. Oy.

I was at an arbitration meeting today and yesterday. Now that's mind-numbing.

Bonnie said...

Whoa whoa now, what if I'd worn that VERY FIRE ENGINE RED LEOPARD Print dress to my dinner party on Friday night! Youknow the one where we were sure it was missing a few bolts of fabric! ha ha ha! Oh dress makers you make me laugh!

Yowzers what message am I sending!!!

I thank the Dear lord for friends like you to tell me No bonnie too much and for Le Chateau for not having the dress in my size to thus further deter me! ha ha ha!

I apparatnly like heightened emotions.....Hmm I think I'll wear red more often ha ha ha!!!

Hey my ugly sweater is red too! ha ha!

Natalie said...

So I should stop wishing I had a stunning (deep red)dress? And be thankful that the majority of our bridal party were red heads, which saved us from the possibility of red bridesmaid dresses?