Wednesday, April 7, 2010

oh, how i've missed you.

Easter weekend was a delight – I got to experience that special kind of ‘normal’ by going up North to see my family. One sister was out of town (sigh) but the other two were there, and my parents, and my niece, and my extendeds. I got to participate in the yearly Easter egg hunt. My sister and I hid the eggs in the expansive back yard, and then all the adults walked around to help the two young tots find the goodies on the lawn. There were 119 plastic eggs in total filled with yummy chocolate goodies. We lost five. Perhaps the bears will get them later, or Nolan’s lawn mower.

Family dinners and Chinese food while watching Hoarders and a neice made of perfection and the cozy feel of a house I grew up in; talk of renos and day jobs and travel plans and heart matters; sunny skies and short drives and unquestioned love: A normal I miss. I’m happy to be down here & home again, though (earthquake zone and all). I’ll appease my divided heart by looking at pictures on repeat.

I’ve missed you too, you know. I haven’t blogged in…(counting)…six days – gasp! – and believe me, I’ve felt the absence. My brain has been swarming with thoughts, theories and post ideas; so many, in fact, that after a few days of backlog, I feel incapacitated to write anything at all. Proof positive, I suppose, that my sanity now depends on writing.

Happy Easter everyone, even if I’m a few days late in saying it.

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Mama said...

This is awesome. I should have read it so much sooner. How sweet. *Sigh*