Friday, May 28, 2010

how to: exploit your lunch breaks

I'm not sure why, in the three years I have been at this job, I have never done this before. Today for my lunch break I whipped over to the coffee shop across the street, ordered a large espresso infused beverage in a to-go cup, and sat at the table in the farthest corner with the the book I am currently reading. My lunch break went from it's regular half hour of rushed-ness to a slow, meandering pause in my afternoon.

If I learned anything from my weekend away, it was this: taking a break works better when you actually stop the madness and take a break.

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Colin and Evelyn said...

Ditto. Typically the only good lunch breaks I have are when I leave the office, maybe I should take up smoking. Where did you guys go for the weekend? Young adults retreat? Maybe I saw pictures of that on Shannon's facebook.