Friday, May 6, 2011

ashley, that's disgusting.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to smit all over you.

I admit; I’m feeling the pressure these days to write something of consequence on here; it’s certainly been awhile since I formed a whole and meaningful thought driven post, hasn’t it? It might take awhile longer, too: at current, I’m sitting at my desk, composing some more bad drawings; trying to figure out how to make Manfriend a stickman without making him look wimpy and girlish. I drew a little five o’clock shadow; that helped. Call me crazy, but I actually think it looks like him.

What have I been thinking about lately? A million things: politics, personal futures, career goals, faith and of course: world peace. But the trouble with being an afterthought composer is that really: my most conclusive thoughts usually come…after. I expect that at some point, I’ll discover some new form of intelligent life in my head, but for now I hope you can bear with me as I settle into a life that is rapidly becoming unsettled (and in the same speed: becoming wildly exciting - even the question marks are bedazzled).

So while I sit over here and put hearts-in-the-form-of-cartoon-men onto the page, why don’t you go read this blog and regain your sense of Blog Reading Purpose? Recently discovered. As a wannabe Foodie, I am a huge fan. This blog is simply delicious.

uh, YUM.



Mama said...

He's cute. And I want that brekky.

Natalie said...

Well it most certainly looks like the picture I saw of him. And I think the stick legs with the full body speaks to just how broad his shoulders really are. Well done!

Anonymous said...

hearts-in-the-form-of-cartoon-men made me LOL again