Friday, May 13, 2011

of underarms and perfume samples.


I just realized a short while ago that I forgot to put on deodorant this morning.
…how did I realize? I wondered what that smell was.
Turns out, that smell was me.
Easy remedy: quick jaunt to drugstore across the way to purchase emergency bar of deodorant. While there, feign interest in perfume, ask for samples. Leave the building to the privacy of vehicle. Place now-fragrant sample cards into bra-sides directly beneath the underarm area. Return to work, spend the rest of the day smelling half like Calvin Klein’s Euphoria and half like SJP’s Lovely. Compromise womanly mystery by posting this story on the internet.


Mama said...

You're hilarious. A woman after my own heart.

bonbon said...

I love it, this happens to me often. although I just spend more time on the floors & hope the staff think the smell is the residents not me!! ha ha!!

Mrs. Pankhurst said...

That is hilarious and brilliant.