Monday, August 31, 2009

through the eyes of a wandering transient

Flux (n): continuous change, passage, or movement.
Fill in the blank: Ashley is in a constant state of _ _ _ _.
This makes concrete planning: somewhat difficult.
Current soundtrack: Souls, by Chantal Kreviazuk
New project this week: a novel, in which the main character is a lot like me. Only cooler. With better hair.
Where my mind just went: a crowded bookstore, a sharpie pen, blank title pages. Thoughts that carry weight. Being known for being profound.
Fear & self loathing: check.
Social Networking? or Pretentious Show?
This week’s biggest surprise: I don’t miss facebook, at all.
Sad dependence: it’s only been 3 days.
Today’s nostalgic observation: I miss experiencing 24-hour periods during which I did NOT hear the word “facebook”
Where my mind just went: 1987
Coffee & Dreams:
Per month coffee purchases/before I decided to write books: 0-1.
Per month coffee purchases/after I decided to write books: a lot more than 5.
Free specialty coffees: always a good thing
Where my mind just went: a small café table, a Grande Macchiato, a stack of unfinished manuscripts staring me in the face. Rejection letters in the mail. Self publishing. Gifts for Mom.

Current level of annoyance: quite high.


Shan said...

Shout out or no shout out, i love your writing ash. i love how you just put your thoughts right out there, and here i am writing about the elbow. you are my inspiration. you + me + dinner + making posters tomorrow night? i'll call you tonight!

Lindsey said...

I love sharpie pens.