Thursday, January 28, 2010

Flash Mob for Haiti!

(photo by Elise Lowes)
a group of over 150 people perform FLASH MOB FOR HAITI at Metrotown on Jan 23, 2010

Wise & poetic Sharelle said it best: “I didn't even realize it was on my "bucket-list" until I was doing it.”

...doing what, you ask? Flash mob, people : FLASH MOB!!!! More specifically? Flash mob for Haiti.

Geoff Stewart had been planning a flash mob for awhile; I still remember the day I was sitting in Sandy’s office, admin-ing my way through the hour, when Geoff came bounding in and proudly announced his fabulous idea. Obviously, I was on board immediately! The instant the dates for practice and go-time were set in stone, they were in my calendar. I labeled the days bright blue for Don’t Forget! and typed FLASH MOB!!!!  in all caps – my font and punctuation were anticipating the event nearly as much as I was (nearly).

We had our first practice and were set to go for our second (and then to perform) – and on the Tuesday of that week, Haiti was devastated by an earthquake. Geoff realized that we had a sweet opportunity to do something more. So, what started out as Flash Mob turned into Flash Mob for Haiti.

At 1:53pm a couple weeks ago, the earthquake shook Haiti. At 1:53pm this past Saturday, we danced. The red flags we carry in the video (thrown at end) represent the Haitian flag.

1) Watch the video! Lots!!! We are looking for corporate sponsors to step up and donate per view, with all proceeds going to Haiti.
2) Become a corporate sponsor! Email for more info!

Without further ado, here is the video link. - enjoy! (and remember, we are not professional dancers, lol)

update: here's a news article about the flashmob!  from the Peace Arch News!
also, be sure to check out for more info on what we did & why, and how you can get involved!


Sharelle said...

oh man, I just posted, but you beat me to it.

clearly :)

Ryan André said...

That's really awesome, great idea! Looks fun!