Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hey all - obviously we've all heard about the earthquake in Haiti, and by now you've also surely heard that the death toll is only rising, with the devastation obviously at crazy high levels. I am taking a break from posting about food for this post - to provide you all with ways that you can help. We are unquestionably blessed as individuals, and I'm hoping that each of us takes a bit of time out of our day today (or tomorrow, or whenever you get the chance!) to send a donation to the relief efforts.

But, I don't have very much time on my hands.
Totally understandable. Do you have a cell phone and 60 seconds?

CANADIANS "Donors can text the world “HAITI” to 45678 from any Rogers Wireless or Bell Mobility phone to contribute $5.00 to The Salvation Army. As of January 13th, 2010 all text donations will go directly to The Salvation Army Haiti Earthquake Disaster Relief". – see for more details
AMERICANS can donate through text to the Red Cross by sending 'Haiti' to 90999 and $10 will go to the relief efforts in Haiti.

There are plenty of other agencies accepting donations (if you don't have a Canadian cell phone from Bell or Rogers, for example), but this one is so fast that I thought you all should know about it.

Also as an FYI (got this in my email from head office just now) - "the Government of Canada will be matching the contributions made by individual Canadians between January 12 and February 12, to eligible Canadian charitable organizations in support of humanitarian and recovery efforts in response to the earthquake in Haiti. Donations will be matched by the government to a maximum of $50 million."

 ps - there are literally a ton of agencies sending aid/people/finances/etc over to Haiti - if you've got one you want to highlight - please feel free to leave info in the comments area. I'd love to hear more about what you're involved in/what's going on, and help spread word about where people can send donations.


Shan said...! They’re an international world relief NGO and have their hands IN Haiti, helping and providing support. Click to donate – so simple! PS, thanks Ash for not being afraid to call us out on our bullshitting ways.

Ryan André said...

Don't forget to respond "yes" to the text you get back from the Salvation Army. And you can do it up to 6 times! That's only $30! Great info! So easy!

We have a team of firefighters being led by a guy from our church heading down next week (hopefully the airport is back up by then!), so prayer that will still happen would be good.

Also, a girl in our youth group, their *school* is doing a talent show fundraiser to raise money for Port-au-Prince! And she's singing a song! It's so great to hear about so much going on to raise money for the incredible need.

It's cool, because I was there just a year and a half ago and am going back in November. It's an incredibly poor country, but so many people are trying to do their best to get by. And many are Christians. This is devastating.

Thanks also for the link from Donald Miller, that was excellent and refreshing. :)

Natasha said...

Love the new blog banner and the profile pic. Makes me want to update mine and go for a fresh new look.

I have just checked out the home page, God's Littlest Angels, a site which is the home to the Haitian Orphanage Stacy visited this past summer they have set up paypal to receive donation to help with the Earthquake.