Tuesday, June 1, 2010

cookie fix.

After one long month in a paradigm shift, the endurance of the resulting thousand difficult conversations, and the rebalancing of who I believe I am… I am happy to say that I’ve made it out alive; hopefully wiser, definitely less corner-pressed, and ready for a good, long nap. Combine this state with the all-consuming, euphoric crush I’ve developed for this man:

…and my brain is far from useable. Too busy resting, hiding, looking for reprieve; inside my imagination (it’s so pleasant here), on a cozy couch, listening to Marcus tell me about his life and music. (I promise you, that’s all we’re doing).

Today’s emotions taste like hot apple pie, though I have none. Instead I am snacking on this bag of Fudgee-O cookies – a far cry from pie, but temporarily satisfying my weary little love-struck heart all the same.

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