Sunday, June 13, 2010

dancing is an odd sort of thing.


....or am I the only one that thinks this? Perhaps it's because I am only on wedding three of a newly-started nuptial season, and watching people dance every Saturday forces me to wonder why we do it. I mean, I know why I do it - Music and I breathe the same air; it's only natural that we move together on occasion, too. But if you watch people dance for long enough, you might start to wonder what it is about a heavy beat that keeps a human being from holding still - even those of us with less than graceful technique.

Since we're made mostly out of water (something like 60%), I wonder if music hits all the watery parts of us and moves us involuntarily (much the same as a glass of H20 will be visibly shaken by certain sounds). Science: you should look into this.

These thoughts are important, I'm sure of it. Or maybe I've had an excess of caffeine this evening (2 double espresso drinks in under an hour), and maybe that caffeine high has ended, leaving me in a slump of espresso-or-sleep-wanting tiredness... and maybe I shouldn't record my brain's meanderings at this hour.


As a totally unrelated sidenote: I saw a naked bike parade downtown today. Yes - you read that correctly - a naked bike parade. At least a hundred people (if not more) riding their bikes...naked. Through the streets of Vancouver. Anyone know what that was about? My virgin eyes would like an explanation.

*Update: I found the answer - to the naked bike thing, not the dancing and water thing.

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Anonymous said...

I concur...daning is a strange, strange phenomenon...I like your water theory.

Puke to the naked bike ride. That is just nasty.