Sunday, June 13, 2010

the five hour mom


Before she arrives, I manage to shower and get in a quick grocery shop.
Home, put the milk in the fridge, and greet the knocking door with a smile
and a heart bursting with L-O-V-E: my niece is here.
Two and a half years of life bundled into the cutest petitest blondest most
adorable package you've ever seen.
And I get to watch her, for five hours.
All. By. Myself.

Lunch: I nearly burn the grilled cheese sandwich, but don't.
Walk to the beach and spend an hour squealing with delight
as we dance in the shallow tide pools near the shoreline.
Sun & sunscreen both are at their best.
My dress is soaked to nearly see through from our splashing game,
I am covered in sand, and her diaper is water logged from sitting in the ocean.

But she is happy,
so I am happy too.

My purse...I can still...see it...?
I forgot the towels. Looks like we'll have to air dry.
The walk back up the hill to aunty's house is strenuous, to say the least.

But because she is happy,
I am happy too.

Bath time; fresh as a daylilly.
All my memories from today include blue eyes and blonde wisps
and giggles. Oh the giggles.

The house was clean this morning, before she got here.
The house, by the end of hour 5, was a semi-small disaster; there were toys
and twistable crayolas and little shoes littering the carpet
from the entrance to the back bedroom.
Lunch's leftovers are still left, over on the counter by the sink.
My hair has gone from well placed to fuzzy and loose.
My makeup seems to have gone away at some point;
My summer dress turned into a pair of yoga pants,
and my grumbling tummy satisfied itself with an orange slice and some crackers. she happy? She is,
and I find that I am completely happy, too.

Walk number two to the seaside brought reminders
of the train we watched earlier
and with it, the entertainment only brought
by the clumsy seagulls eating their dinner.
And of course, we spent some time picking "flellers."

I love my niece. I love, love love love her.
I love her cuddles and I love her kisses and I love
that she knows me by name.

Is she happy?
Then I am happy too.

- - - the original intent of this post was to remark at how quickly priorities change when a child enters the picture. I have a very noticeable stain on my shirt and my house is a disaster, but lunch got eaten, right? And nobody's crying? And we're all still alive? However, as you may have noticed, I got all distracted thinking about my niece and how perfect she is, and how amazingly well she fits into my arms and heart, and how I don't remember life without her in it. All in all: kudos to you moms, who do this mad and wonderful kind of self sacrifice every day - and not just for five hours at a time, either :)


Anonymous said...

This makes me smile! I wish I could have been there to play in the sun too! Miss you!


Abbi said...

I love your writing. I wish I could enjoy my time with my kiddos like you did with your niece. You have reminded me to step back and enjoy them and not dwell on the fact that I yet again stepped on a plastic army man or a matchbox car or a pacifier... or the fact my almost 4-yr old has almost flooded the bathroom and is soaked from head to toe...

You rock!! Your niece is lucky to have someone like you in her life.

anita said...

Boy oh boy, do I get it. Cause I think that was a (rather large) heart pang I just felt as I swallowed your words.
One more week till I get to feast on my niece's presence for 7 whole days!! Only I can see the love party in my heart for the life of this little girl.