Monday, June 21, 2010

i no math, i english.

It took me approximately half an hour of mental effort (first in my head, then with a calculator, then by writing all the zeroes out in a row, then by asking three coworkers, then by going back to the calculator, then double checking with another coworker) to figure out that a certain number of millions would equal a certain amount of billions - and then, of course, to confirm that Six Billion is the same as Six Thousand Million, because I wasn't entirely sure ("right? a billion has 9 zeros in it? You're sure??"). Ironically, I was trying to add these numbers up for a finance article I’m writing. Yes, I’m writing a finance article, and I can’t even add without the aid of my fingers. Ay yi yi.

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Anonymous said...

haha i can so appreciate this! With upgrading my math, i am, to deduce is to...? Thank the good Lord for caluclators!