Friday, February 5, 2010

joy joy joy

It’s the end of another work day; the middle of another day. I am having a crazy feeling inside my chest; like the end of an eclipse, like newly born light – as refreshing as the sound of a carbonated beverage being opened for the first time. Perhaps it is the busy weekend ahead of me, or the goals I’ve decided I want my life to accomplish – perhaps it is something big, or small. But whatever it is, it has me feeling absolutely giddy to be alive. I want to run around in the streets and yell: I LOVE MY FAMILY! I LOVE MY FRIENDS! I EVEN LOVE THE PEOPLE I DON'T KNOW! I want to shake people dramatically by the shoulders and ask them what their favourite thing about being alive is… and then subsequently, to dance a jig.

I hope that you let yourself experience the world this way, and often – to let the joy of living sweep you away into borderline hysteria. I hope you open up your heart to give… or to receive; to be the best part of someone else’s day. I hope when you forget your sunglasses on a day too bright for words you smile, not cringe. I hope you buy a homeless man lunch at least once. I hope you sit with him at least twice.

There is so much life to be lived. There are too many notes not to sing at least one of them - loudly. The sound of your laugh is so uniquely you that I can’t help but be brought to life by hearing it. Your gifts are a part of your fingerprint; they are inescapable. Don’t deny them, don’t try to escape them. Every bit of good in you is there for a purpose and adds to the world; to my world.

I am happy to be alive and I am happy to be breathing. I am humbled by the human capacity for hope, and inspired by it all at once. I want to lead the kind of life that points others Homeward. I want to love people in a way that causes them to see the Source. I want to keep breathing in, so long as I have the capability.

I want to live, and then write about it.


Natasha said...

You GO girl. I am right there behind you.

Ryan André said...


Reminds me of ....

"Throw your hands up, throw your hands up high, tear the roof off and pull down the sky!"

Old, cheesy, but awesome Supertones, trumpet is under rated. :)

skip the rap, to 1:28, and start dancing .. :)