Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my uneventful kitchen

As I was making dinner for a friend a few weeks ago, she was commenting on how good the chicken was and I said, "Yes, well, this is the only kind I ever make!"  Now, while I've noticed my less-than-noteworthy cooking habits in the past, something about saying it out loud changed the way my brain processed the information. It went from being a passing thought I could ignore to an argument between my Brain and Reality. I really do have a small repertoire of know-how in the kitchen.

Brain, on the defence:
"Well, you also know how to make…um….well…sometimes you cook tha…uh…you don’t alw…"

"Bahaha. I win."

Truthfully, I don’t actually spend a lot of time in my kitchen. I am usually running between jobs or meetings or social gatherings or squeezing the last drop of time I have into an agenda of some sort. Most weeks, I don’t spend more than 4 hours at a time in my house (unless, of course, I’m sleeping). This doesn’t leave a lot of time for meal prep, and it certainly doesn’t leave a lot of mental space for creative food ideas. So, essentially, I do a lot of eating out (for those that know me well enough to know why that’s ironic, I ask you to ignore it, for now). But even when I am in my kitchen, or at the store picking out ingredients, I’m usually at a loss for what to put together. Chicken and rice? ....*yawn*

I have been intentionally writing “TIME OFF: STAY HOME” in permanent ink onto the pages of my trusty day planner every few weeks (between pre-scheduled engagements). So while choosing one day a week for cooking doesn’t work for me (let me show you that day planner), I am trying to be more intentional with the time I spend in my house. I’ve been paying more attention to what time I get home in the evening and how long I stay there before I go out.

Logically, I would use some of those hours to cook and prepare food for the days to come. But here comes the trouble: I am idealess.

I can follow a recipe and can improvise when needed, but the few recipes I have/know are far from enough to keep me from getting bored in the kitchen again, and fast. What I need are simple, delicious, quick-to-make, non-complicated meal ideas. For example, Anita just reminded me that Fritatta exists and is not only easy to make, but delicious.

Tonight is a “TIME OFF: STAY HOME” night, and I am going grocery shopping as soon as the clock strikes 4. But friends: what should I buy?

(**HINT** suggestions can be left in the comments area! Don't be shy!)


Ryan André said...

Your blogs on food have really got me thinking about my food intake and I've been staying home to cook a lot more intentionally over the last few weeks. It's been ... stretching ... to say the least. The internet is full of great recipe's that are easy to follow at least. Weird, but the kraft recipe site is actually really great!

I actually came to the realization that without restaurants and modern appliances like microwaves and pre-prepared food from grocery stores, I think I would die. I even blogged about it. It would force us all to rely on each other more just for the basic necessity of eating. Interesting thought.

Anonymous said...

Hey just came across your blog from Heidi.

I've been really good at taking time to cook meals, but was starting to run out of ideas so bought myself a cookbook for Christmas. I love the inspiration it gives me! You can get cookbooks on any sort of type of food you like. Just make sure it is full of pictures!

ashleyalvina said...

Hey guys! Thanks so much for the encouragement & suggestions! I had a very successful grocery trip :)

Ryan A - without a microwave, I would surely cry. Sad to admit! ha.

Ryan R - thanks for stopping by! And I agree - pictures make a cookbook for me! If there are none, I don't even bother :) ha

Anonymous said...


2 Crescent roll packages
1 cup of broccoli
1 cup of chicken
1 cup of pepers
some mayo, dill, almonds, eggs, garlic

Lay one crescent roll package as s heet of dough on a cookie sheet.

Mix all veggies and chicken, mayo, garlic, dill together. Place in center of above mentioned dough.

Take other package of dough and braid it over said "stuffing". glaze with only the egg white and sprinkle with almonds.

Cook till it is brown an delicious. Makes TONS and tastes even better cold :)