Thursday, September 16, 2010

weather dependant


So I woke up the other day with a swollen left tonsil. In the days before that, my head and all its organs decided to fritz themselves into some sort of pressurized system. In the days before that, I threw my back out and subsequently fell over onto my bedroom floor while trying to pick up a small weightless object. Needless to say, I should probably make some sort of visit to some sort of doctor sometime soon (what kind of practitioner looks after senior citizens?). In the meantime, I’ve decided to self medicate. My Pilates class starts tonight, which should do something good for my anxious spinal column; I’ve been drinking herbal tea non-stop since last week; and that 4am wakeup call from my overzealous throat sent me running for the grocery store shelves for home remedies that have actually impacted my condition. Slightly. I have downed a significant amount of head-clearing pills in the past 4 days and on Tuesday alone I ingested over 5000% of my daily intake of Vitamin C (that was not a typo). A few more days of this, and I should be back to singing about kittens and lollipops. Or in emerg.

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etlux said...

Just think. If you were in, oh, lets say Milton's era, they would be bleeding you out and trying to cast out the demon.
Ah, the 1600's. Good times.