Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Winter Driving Tips for Vancouver: a follow up.

Vancouver: first of all I would like to commend those of you that were paying attention as you drove your vehicles recently. That's right: there have been some mighty careful road-maneuvers these past few days since the snow fell and for that, I and my still-intact-life are eternally grateful. For the rest of you Mainlander dummies (that apparently don't pay attention to driving tips anyway): did you not read this!? What about "ice" suggests that you should speed!? I say this because in the past 48 hours alone, I have seen the horrid driving habits of Vancouverites (read: Lower Mainlanders) return with full force. Accident reports are climbing again, and close calls are visible everywhere. Every time I leave the house, I see at least 3 near-accidents*. For the love of Grilled Cheesus**, SLOW DOWN.

*According to ICBC, only 2% of car crashes can actually be titled "accidental." The rest of them? Completely avoidable. Sad, ain't it.
**Gleek reference.


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Mama said...

You should send all your driving tips, including "otherthoughts" to the local newspaper editors.