Friday, November 19, 2010

interactive desk

My desk at work has become interactive. What I mean by that is, people keep messing with my cubicle paraphernalia after I go home for the day. I guess it’s not totally disrespectful; my cubicle has no door so its not like they’re breaking in. So far the most common occurrence of meddling – aside from the rampant, violently frustrating, daily stealing of pens – has been the mysteriously appearing fingerprints on my picture frame. Or my phone – they like to use my phone a lot after hours, and I often find it moved from the OCD-like-symmetrically-straight position I’ve left it in. I’ve even heard from certain sources that the feet of many an after-hours worker have landed on my desk as they tip themselves back in my chair for a snooze. I’ve had 3 Christmas bobbles hanging in my cubicle for over 2 years now because every time I take them down someone puts them back up – I don’t mind that one so much, it adds some quirk; and we all know I don’t mind being the odd one out (I decided to embrace it. Life got easier).

Anyway. The latest bit of joy has come from the post-it-note guy. Remember him?  This time, he requested that I “BUY NEW TAPE” when my tape dispenser was empty last week. I left it for awhile out of sarcastic pleasure, but found I kept needing to tape things and so gave in a few days later. This morning, I found this post-it on my dispenser:

Whatever helps you sleep at night, post-it-man.


Bonnie said...

I wish I had a person to leave me weird notes at my desk..I wanna job at your workplace! Hook me up girl!!! ha ha! This made me laugh really hard on the inside today! Oh man totally enjoyed that!

Love yah! Glad you got some tape too!

Mama said...

Wow. How pathetic and disrespectful. Are these school children? Do you have a locking drawer you can put everything in when you're gone?...especially your tape, Christmas bobbles, picture? How about smearing the phone with vaseline? Just have your own private cleaning wipes available for yourself when you arrive to work. Look up fun ways to boobytrap your desk, chair, etc. Keep me posted. I can't wait.