Friday, March 19, 2010

practice run number one of twenty two

Well I did it! On Tuesday I started a process that I'm actually getting more and more excited about. I'm really looking forward to seeing myself grow as a runner (which Chelsea promised me would happen). It took me about an hour to run the track I've marked out from my house - and I've realized that as time goes on and I get better, I'll have to extend that journey as I'll be covering the ground faster. It's an exciting prospect.  I told my coworker I started a running club - sure, I'm the only real member, but it sounds so much more exciting to say it that way!

run number one, summation: well, it was basically "glorified walking"...or...walking, with a bit of jogging thrown in. I do push myself, but I don't want to push myself too hard or too fast - injuries would be a pretty significant let down. I did run farther than I've run before though (I have invisible markers laid out where I run) which means I'm already seeing progress from last week! (oh - even though this is "run one" of my official practice runs, I ran last week too).

My next run is tomorrow morning - I was trying to figure out who would pick me up from the car dealership when I dropped off my car for servicing, and then - bam! - I realized: I could just run home, SO I'm going to. I suprise myself! First I get up early on a Saturday, then I start an exercise regime...what's left?

(using, I’ve calculated that my overall distance from start and back to the finish was approximately 5.34km. Remember, this was mostly a walking practice.)

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Mandi Bartel said...

running is awesome! you'll be surprised at what your body can handle and when you cross that finish line, no matter what you place, you'll be proud. :)
I'm cheering for you!!!